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31 July 2019 in Company

Addressing Gender Balance in New “Women @ Traveltek” Initiative

This month some of the Traveltek team took part in the first ever “Women @ Traveltek” session, organised by Chief Commercial Officer, Cressida Sergeant.  This new initiative has been set up with the intention of empowering the people in the business and bringing about a more balanced workplace.

Within the first session, Cressida raised some very interesting points about the facts on gender equality. She also presented some staggering figures to show that the gender balance is still very much in a state of disequilibrium. Highlighting that companies with a diverse management team achieve 19% more revenue, Cressida made it very clear how important it is for Traveltek to embrace diversity within the workplace.

Within the session, Cressida spoke candidly about her personal experience of gender inequality and what she had to do to overcome bias and succeed in her career.

She highlighted the importance of involving both men and women within the company in these conversations in order to engage and encourage the men in the workforce to acknowledge the importance of playing their part to make gender equality a reality.

The plan for the content of future sessions will be very much driven by the attendees and will cover career development, debates on relevant topics and will offer an opportunity for all views to be shared openly within a trusted environment. External speakers will also be invited to come to the sessions and support this new initiative. We’re all looking forward to the next one!