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Search & Book Product - iSell

Transform your Business

Our flagship and award-winning product, iSell is a leading dynamic packaging booking engine, that allows travel sellers the freedom to search and book holidays that meet the needs of your customers.

It was developed exclusively for the leisure travel industry to help bookers sell travel products in the most efficient way possible. With iSell, there’s no need to jump between systems. Our solution provides one single platform for agents to search and book flights, hotels, cruise and ancillary products in one transaction. Plus, with an inbuilt CRM, you can manage your customers and enquiries from one centralised place.

Flight Dynamic Packaging Technology

Ours is one of the most comprehensive flight search solutions on the market, providing flexibility and an enviable range of suppliers. You can choose to connect to the supplier’s live API to access real-time pricing and availability or to leverage our large cache of flight data to set up more flexible and detailed searches. Integrate our Supplytek product, and you can also manage your own flight stock, all within one system.

Cruise Dynamic Packaging Technology

Our cruise booking engine was the first of its kind on the market and remains one of the most advanced dynamic packaging of cruise products, alongside hotels,  flights and ancillaries. You’ll have comprehensive ship descriptions, detailed cabin information and the all-important supporting images. To take your cruise offering to the next level, our Cruisetek product allows you to hand-pick travel components to create your very own, unique cruise product.

Hotel Dynamic Packaging Technology

Our hotel search solution is multi-functional and loaded with features. It connects you to over 50 of the world’s leading accommodation providers, including Hotelbeds, Teldar and Expedia, and has multiple search and filter options. If you’re a tour operator or contracting your own hotel rates, then you can take advantage of our cutting-edge Supplytek product, which allows you to integrate your own rates and availability too.

Ancillary Dynamic Packaging Technology icon

Ancillary Dynamic Packaging Technology

Our vast supplier base not only covers basics like flights, hotels, cruises and packages but an extensive range of ancillary services too. Search and book car hire, transfers, insurance, airport parking, attraction tickets, resort services, lounge passes and more. Our software is intuitive to your customer’s ancillary needs, providing seamless upselling opportunities. Again, our Supplytek product gives you the option to manage your own ancillary stock.

Advanced Tour Packaging Technology icon

Cruise Connect – Coming in 2023

We are excited to be launching Cruise Connect our next generation GraphQL Cruise API. Traveltek are the first company in the world to integrate with Carnival’s new polar caps API and this new product will benefit from increased speed of search, AI capabilities and rich features. Traveltek is also passionate to support our cruise partners to deliver on their sustainability pledges through our technology. Our new Agent Connect booking tool will be powered by this new API

Flexible & Secure icon

Flexible & Secure

Built with flexibility in mind, the iSell product is modular and can be customised to meet your specific business needs. Plus, it’s web-based, which means every aspect of your business will run from one secure online platform, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even staff who work remotely can access your system without the need for costly and complicated network solutions.

New Products in 2023

Complete Control icon

Complete Control

iSell comes with a fully integrated CRM system that allows you to effectively manage quotes, and maximise marketing activities. This product also provides information-rich content and is available in multi-language. It operates a shopping basket model, with advanced search filters and you also have the functionality to manage discounts and promo codes, plus there are multiple configuration options. In addition, it allows for real-time margin control and booking rule management.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity icon

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

By utilising the iDeal product within your travel business you will be able to remove the need for multiple spreadsheets, as it will deliver a one-stop-shop platform. This will deliver greater productivity and efficiency, which will lead to an increase in bookings and profits. In addition, as it removes the need for employees to be trained on multiple systems, it will reduce staff training costs and errors.

To find out more about how iSell can transform your business and provide you with a truly one-stop booking engine book a demo today.