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4 November 2022 in The Traveltek Blog

Work smarter not harder with your Travel Technology


Work smarter not harder – invest in travel technology – the time is now right

At Traveltek we are finally seeing green shoots again and hopefully this is a continued road to recovery.  Traveltek is delighted to report significant spikes in bookings for our UK customers in recent weeks.  As all business’ start to adjust to whatever the new normal will be, many businesses will need to recruit new staff to administer bookings and administration post pandemic. Our expert Neil Welsh recommends, other ways to look at tackling this challenge for business. It has been well documented how much talent is leaving the travel industry, its time to automate and progress.

Is it smart to just dive in and recruit new staff?  Think about how technology can help your business scale more cost effectively. Resulting in utilising your valuable people for the complex thinking and travel technology and RPA for simplicity and automation.

Our Travel Industry Expert Neil Welsh, Head of Sales for UK & Europe, shares his advice on what travel companies should be focused on currently.

“In my (too many) years of experience in travel and travel technology,  I have listed 5 reasons to invest in technology to help your existing staff be more productive and your business more profitable post Covid”

5 main reasons to invest in Travel Agent Technology

  1. Search and book travel technology. Having one go to search and book travel platform will allow your staff to find the best deal for your customers.  Using aggregated results from multiple flight, hotel, cruise & and ancillary providers saves time for your agents. This will ensure your staff are more accurate and efficient.
  2. Fully integrated Backoffice system. Do not waste resource asking sales staff to re key bookings made into a different Backoffice system. Have a fully integrated travel technology system with all your sales tools in one place.
  3. RPA with so many manual procedures now in place, the work involved on a typical booking is weighted post sale. A typical travel agent or tour operator will have a significant percentage of their employees dedicated to very manual tasks such as APIS, reporting, insurance, document checking. Therefore we strongly recommend RPA (robotic processing automation) as an essential tool. It will allow you to grow your business through robotic technology to process these tasks. Remember robotics don’t make errors, don’t take breaks or annual leave. After that they also won’t leave you for a higher paid role just after you have trained them!
  4. Tour operation – tour operating can have many different flavours. However, one thing is consistent, if you are a tour operator your focus is on product. Creating a product that your customers want to book. Invest in a tour operating solution that will allow you to combine your own inventory with live supplier content. Give your team a solution that can distribute your product across B2B ,B2C and Travel API channels.
  5. Training – Is essential for all travel staff . For instance as you scale up, ensure your technology is easy to use and scalable. Ensure your new employees can hit the ground running with easy to use travel technology.

Neil’s recommended next steps…

In summary, providing staff, the technology to manage more enquires efficiently, will result in generating more pipeline and more revenue.

Above all, its good to embrace new ways of working, so get in touch with us to learn more, arrange a discovery call with our team of experts Tell us about your business