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22 February 2019 in Company

Successful Visit to The Olympia for Traveltek at TTE

We had two very busy days this week at Travel Technology Europe. With over 30 pre-arranged appointments and a steady flow of visitors, the Traveltek stand was a popular place during the show.

Travolution Business Breakfast 

During the event some staff members also attended a TTE business breakfast. Travolution organised the event and held it in the Facebook headquarters in London. At the event, Travolution released an innovation report with an annual analysis of UK travel technology spend. The findings were very interesting. Stats suggested that UK travel firms increased spend on technology by 5% in 2018 following a fall in the previous year, bringing overall spend up to £1.79 billion. However, thanks to an uncertain Brexit landscape and economic outlook, some now believe that spend on technology will slow down in 2019.

Lee Hayhurst, Travolution Editor, noted: “The travel industry is a significant investor in technology so its heartening to see that it increased spend last year. There’s a danger, however, that it reacts to a potential slowdown by shelving plans to advance innovation and digital transformation and falls behind in a highly competitive market.”

Traveltek Confidence 

Nevertheless, Neil Welsh, Traveltek Head of Sales, UK & MENA is confident that there’s still a clear requirement for technology within the travel space.

“We’re continuing to see a high demand for advanced search and dynamic packaging tools. We are confident that travel professionals will continue to invest in technology. While we were at Travel Technology Europe, we met with a number of prospective clients looking for innovative software solutions. These tools give them the competitive edge and allow them to save time and money by boosting efficiency, reducing costs and increasing agility. We expect this upward trend in travel technology to continue.”