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Tour Operating Product - Supplytek

An effective inventory management and distribution product that allows you to design and distribute your own packages.


 Software for Tour Operators

Supplytek is an inventory management and distribution product that allows you to mix your own stock with third-party stock to sell in-house or distribute to trade partners. It integrates with our dynamic packaging platform, iSell, and helps tour operators and modern-day agents manage their own flight, hotel, event and transfer contracts and to create traditional tour operator packages. Simply input your stock and your products will appear alongside your other partners in the iSell platform. You can create packages too, combining your stock with the suppliers that best complement your offering.

Flights – Manage multiple flight sectors, dates, pricing and availability

With Supplytek, managing multiple flight sectors, dates, pricing and availability is simple and efficient. First, you create sequences of related sectors – this could be flights that you want to manage in bulk, or those you want to follow a common pattern such as departing daily or weekly. Then you assign these to specific sales channels, so both prices and availability can be tailored to suit distribution agreements with specific clients. Pricing and availability can then be controlled at sequence or sector level, providing you with the flexibility to make sweeping changes, or very targeted ones.

Hotels – Manage your complete hotel inventory

Whether you contract one hotel or thousands, Supplytek can be scaled to suit your business needs. Your hotel stock can be loaded with ease and enhanced with detailed descriptions and images. You can then choose how you want the stock to be displayed. It could be by board basis, room type combinations, specials offers; the options are endless. You can set up price mark-ups according to a number of criteria too. These can then be applied to all hotels, specific hotels or based on dates, geography and more.

Events – Manage events and sell recurring or non-stock bound products as add-ons

Supplytek also enables you to sell recurring or non-stock bound products as add-ons to flights, hotels, cruise or as stand-alone additions. For example, you may want to sell attraction tickets to a theme park, or entry to a museum, neither of which are stock bound and can be used on any date. Alternatively, you may offer daily or weekly tours, training courses or special events that feature set durations and itineraries. iTop covers all eventualities. From golf outings, cookery courses and wine tasting, to language training and conferences, all of these products and more can be entered into iTop and then combined with live flight and hotel pricing and availability.

Ancillaries – Manage your ancillary contracts, as well as your own products

Supplytek can be used to manage your ancillary offering too; either via partners you work with or your own product. Take transfers, the most popular of all add-ons, as an example. If you’re offering transfer options with local shuttle and taxi firms, you can use Supplytek to make them available through all of your sales channels. Just load all of your routes, transport options, pricing and availability and your transfers can be displayed as a standalone product or as an ancillary to other travel components. The same applies to any and all ancillary services you offer.

Global Distribution

Our role extends to distribution partner too. Once you’ve created your offers on the Supplytek platform, you can sell your product to our extensive customer database. We also facilitate distribution to non-Traveltek customers through our API. This means third parties can search and book your products through one single and consistent interface. And with every function centrally controlled, you can rest assured that the latest availability and prices will always be displayed, avoiding conflicts and double bookings.

Whether you’re a traditional tour operator or a modern-day agent, Supplytek allows you to create the perfect travel portfolio.

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Key Benefits & Features

Increased Control & Efficiency

You can tailor your offers to suit specific distribution agreements, plus you have the flexibility to make sweeping or specific targeted changes. In addition, you have the functionality to manipulate search results so that you can maximise your commercial contracts and boost profits, avoid conflicts and double bookings. And have the control for multi-channel management.


Central Management & Increased Distribution

Supplytek has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to load product into the system. You have central management of dates, pricing, availability along with real-time pricing. There is also the functionality to set pre-defined display criteria, along with a complex rule system that allows for the manipulation of results. Plus full distribution capabilities – staff, trade partners and third-parties. Supplytek integrates with iSell which allows you to mix your own stock with other travel components allowing you to create tour operator packages.


To find out how Supplytek can allow you to mix your own stock with third-party stock and sell in-house or distribute to trade partners book a demo today.