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Advanced Tour Packaging Product - Tourtek

The world's only advanced tour packaging product, that allows you to create your own unique tour packages.


Create Your Own Tour Packages

Tourtek is one of the world’s most advanced tour packaging solution. It was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s biggest travel agencies, empowering them to do something they’d never been able to do before – create their own, unique tour packages. Tourtek puts your product team in control. It allows you to combine multiple travel components to create the perfect tour for your customers. Your packages can be as simple or as complex as you like – there are no limitations. Quite the opposite in fact – with Tourtek, selling the same products as your competitors is a thing of the past.

How it Works

First off, you decide on the tour packages that you feel best suit your customer base. Next, you load the tour into the system, selecting the suppliers you want to be included at the point of search. There are multiple configuration options in the platform, which you can leverage at this point to create a really customised and unique itinerary. Next, you set the dates you’d like the tour to be available. Finally, you have the option to set a minimum fixed price or to select dynamic pricing, which will retrieve live costs at the booking stage. And that’s it. Once loaded, your tour is available for your agents to book.

Combine your industry knowledge with our market-leading software to add a whole new dimension to your product portfolio.

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Key Benefits & Features

Ultimate Flexibility & Control

Our Tourtek product allows you to create your own, unique tour packages. It features multiple customisation options, including service levels, tour-types and optional criteria. Plus, you can create your own custom documentation and itineraries using unique images and icons. Pricing is flexible, and you can choose to set minimum fixed prices or to allow real-time results to show depending on your business model. Then, once ready, your tour packages can be distributed to staff, trade partner and third-parties.


Infinite Scope & Possibilities

The beauty of Tourtek is that there’s no limit to how many tours you can make. You will either be able to better compete in a market that you’re already in or to add a whole new dimension to your product portfolio. Either way, the possibilities are endless. All components are searched at one time for ease and efficiency. Plus, Tourtek integrates with iSell to automatically mix your stock with other travel components. So, not only will your bookings soar, you’ll enjoy enhanced customer retention and loyalty too.


To find out more on how Tourtek can transform your tour packaging capabilities, book a demo today.