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Travel API

Seamlessly Connect to the World

With a vast array of leisure travel suppliers integrated, our API provides you with a huge amount of power, allowing you to harness the strength of our award-winning booking platform product and integrate it with your own system.

If you’re building your own booking engine, achieving integration with all the suppliers you want will take years of development. Each supplier is different, with their own unique quirks and requirements and making them all work together is no trivial matter. However, using our travel API, you can shortcut that entire process. Through a simple set of XML requests, you’ll be able to search for and book products provided by our extensive list of integrated suppliers, find details of existing bookings, create and retrieve customers, fetch information-rich cruise and hotel content and much more.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

With over 300 suppliers integrated, our API empowers you to do more business. From the world’s biggest travel suppliers to local, niche providers, you’ll have access to the industry’s largest community of buyers and sellers worldwide.

Key Benefits & Features

Are you a Tour Operator?

Our API is your gateway to supplying third-party technology companies with access to your stock. And since the API is standardised for all Traveltek customers, any third party that has integrated the API for another company will now be able to support your stock easily too. Our travel API will enable your trade partners to search for availability, retrieve your content and descriptions and make bookings with credit cards or on account.

Are you a Travel Agent?

If you’re a Traveltek customer, we truly believe that your booking and customer data is yours. We won’t lock you in. The API allows you to access this data, syncing it with an external system, pulling out information so you can run your own reports or add new booking data from sales you’ve made elsewhere. And if you’re an agent with a website you’re currently managing yourself or through another web hosting company, our travel API allows you to add live pricing and booking…

To find out more about how Travel API can transform your business and provide you with a truly one-stop booking engine book a demo today.